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Secrets – Sometimes, what happens behind closed doors should stay there… When the women of Springport, Louisiana found a new stay at home job—being a virtual Dominatrix—they are excited about the easy money. But some of these women will pay with their lives. As the city is plagued with unsolved murders, Detectives LeDoux and Riley are faced with the job of finding out what is true, and what is make believe



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Medical Thriller

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Dr. Frankenstein – Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a surgeon who likes to play God in his own unique way? A surgeon that has a curiosity unlike any other doctor you have encountered? What would happen if the doctor you entrusted with your very life deserted you on the operating table?


Conspiracy Thriller

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No One Left – Dead. That one little word is what is going to mark the importance of his life. Until then, his life had no meaning. Getting the flu is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, every year someone seems to die from a simple case of the flu. Yet, with his single death, he will start a chain reaction.

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