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Book Lover Gift Boxes Now Available

Book Lover's Gift

  Book Lover’s Gift



Calling all book lovers – This is the ultimate way to indulge in your passion of reading.
Whether you’re addicted to reading, obsessed with collecting autographed books, or simply have a love for all things book related… This box is for you!

Here’s a fun way to add to your personal library or give to a special friend.

My daughter is addicted to subscription boxes, but sometimes she despises waiting a month. So for this reason we wanted to create a listing where the customer could purchase a box when they wanted.

Each box is a bit like opening a gift on Christmas – you never know exactly what’s inside!

Each box contains one signed copy of “A Deadly Combination”, a box of gumbo, an apron, a tote bag, and maybe a few other surprise goodies.

Every month, I will be creating a themed box of goodies for you to discover. Most of the items in the box are hand made by me, so you can be sure that your collection of goodies will be unique and special, and not something easily found in a store- although may include some extra treats that I have found and thought were cute and should be included, as well! Each box will contain a very generous assortment of items that will vary based on availability. No two boxes will be the same, so no matter what you get, your box will be your very own. 🙂 I want you to be excited to get your box and very happy with the contents, so I hope to pack in as much as possible.


This box would also make for a lovely birthday gift or present to anyone who loves books! Message me if you want to make it a gift for someone special and have a message or note included within so they know who it’s from. I can also include a birthday, graduation, congratulations, etc card inside, with a message from you!

Please note that this is a one time purchase and is NOT a subscription.
All boxes will contain different items, but every box will be valued at $30 minimum (i.e. total value of items in the box at regular price would be worth more than $30.)