Children’s Books

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Squishy the OctopusMeet Squishy the little octopus. He has eight arms and if he concentrates really hard he can let out a small puff of ink. With the help of his friends, Swirls the Seahorse, and Shelley the Mermaid, Squishy learns how to remain calm and not lose his temper.


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Zombie ShuffleCome follow the Zombie Kids as they head to school. Watch as they shuffle about town. It is quite funny to watch as they dance the Zombie Shuffle.


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Monsters EverywhereThe moon is out. It’s time for all the little monsters to come out. They like to play while you like to sleep. By the moonlight and by the starlight, they laugh and giggle. Every day from there to here and from here to there, monsters are everywhere.


Christmas Stories



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Rayne Emily DeerRayne Emily Deer has always dreamed of helping guide Santa’s sleigh for Christmas. Even though the other reindeer constantly pick on her, she refuses to stop believing that one day her dream may come true. When a heavy snowstorm sweeps across the North Pole, everyone starts to worry. Will Christmas be canceled, or will Rayne Emily Deer’s dream finally come true?


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Chilly the SnowmanBefore the first snow in Louisiana could melt, Theresa and her friends rushed outside to build their very own snowman. After they built their rather funny looking snowman, Andrew realized that his Papa’s lucky fishing hat was just what Chilly the Snowman needed. The children were all surprised when Andrew placed the hat on Chilly’s head and he came to life!