Are Americans dying from the flu – or is something much more sinister in the works??????

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No One Left

Dead. That one little word is what is going to mark the importance of his life. Until then, his life had no meaning. Getting the flu is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, every year someone seems to die from a simple case of the flu. Yet, with his single death, he will start a chain reaction.

Some Family Traditions Should Never be Passed Down from Generation to Generation…….

Rosewood Plantation…..

After her husband’s death, Nicki Brady was unsure what to do with her life. Until she saw Rosewood Plantation. Renovating the plantation would represent resurrection, rebirth, a fresh start. Nicky Brady saw this as her future. No more past, no more death. It was time to move forward.
Only Rosewood Plantation harbored a secret – a gruesome past best left untold.



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Hardback now available at Walmart.com


New Children’s Book Release

Theresa, like many other children, is about to join an exclusive club – THE SUPERHEROES. These children fight their illnesses with overwhelming bravery and each Superhero desires only one thing – VICTORY!


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From children’s books

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to the supernatural…….



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The setting for my books takes place in my home state of Louisiana and draws the reader in with the diverse culture, characters, and locations. It is my hope that my readers not only enjoy the books, but also develop a desire to experience the unique culture that only Louisiana has to offer!


You will find something for all ages and genres.

Above Suspsion CarnEvil of Souls- Final A+Deadly+Combination

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