What happens when you combine the New Orleans Mafia, Voodoo, Zombies, and Betrayal all in one audiobook? You get A Deadly Combination. The Mafia Prince has found a way to get to his enemies without ever going near them. First he must convince the voodoo priestess to help him. Bianca Honore has been studying Black Magic in New York ever since she left home. Her grandmere has called her back home and Bianca cannot refuse.

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Meet Squishy, the little octopus. He has eight arms and if he concentrates really hard, he can let out a small puff of ink. With the help of his friends, Swirls the Seahorse; and Shelley the Mermaid, Squishy learns how to remain calm and not lose his temper.


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Zombie Shuffle

Come join the zombie kids as they head off to school.

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