Fashion Inspired by the Characters

My daughter and I are addicted to Poshmark.  To find clothes that we have found for the characters, please visit my closet
The beret collection is inspired from Chloe in ‘Deadly Seduction’.  We wanted something that emphasized her sassy character.  As with all of our personal designs, they are made from Refashioned clothes.

Animal Print Beret.

Blue Knit Beret

Houndstooth Beret

Hoodoo Voodoo – Bianca Does.

This collection is inspired by the queen of black magic and voodoo – Bianca.

Evil Eye Wrap Necklace

Boho Inspired Fashion

Mia, from the series ‘Sins of Bear Corner’, is one of my all time favorite characters.  This collection embodies her free spirit and love for life.

Denim and Lace Upcycled Skirt

Wrap choker necklaces are so trendy.  Wear them wrapped once, twice or even three times – it’s up to you and what your outfit looks best with.

It’s a Bleach Kind of Day

This collection is inspired by all the hard work that Caitlyn is doing on Whispering Willows.  The jeans and shorts have been ripped, bleached and/or paint splattered just as the clothes she wears may be.

Break away from the clean cut look with these one of a kind, unique Bleached Ripped Jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Unlock your Destiny – or the secrets to Whispering Willows

Did you know that Keys are believed to have a certain hint of magic. It’s believed they have the power to reveal things that were unknown or hidden. 

Some cultures believed that wearing a Key as a Pendant will open spiritual barriers.  Folktales tell of a “Skeleton Key” that unlocks your wishes. 

A key pendant can be given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures for one who wears it.

With this knowledge, are you ready to unlock the door and learn the secrets of Whispering Willows, Rosedown Plantation, and Marquette Plantation?

Rose gold Key Necklace