Where Darkness Reigns Series

CarnEvil of Souls- Final

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CarnEvil of Souls

Welcome to the CarnEvil of Souls – Where Fear Never Sleeps. Are you ready for A Night of Terror Under The Big Top? Do you dare to visit this traveling carnival of vampires?




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A Deadly Combination – What happens when you combine Mafia, Voodoo, Zombies, and Betrayal all in one book? You get “A Deadly Combination” The Mafia Prince believes he has found a way to get to his enemies without ever going near them. First he must convince the voodoo priestess to help him. She readily accepts. She wants to be the most powerful voodoo queen that has ever lived.

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Seduced by Voodoo – The battle of good versus evil will soon take place in the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana. Bianca Honore with her new vampire lover, Joshua, will raise an army of living dead. Can Father Mark Trahan stop this ever growing evil before it is too late?






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The journey for Josie from CarnEvil of Souls continues as she seeks out



Josie is determined to find the vampire who turned her a century ago. What she didn’t expect to find was a blood trafficking ring. Can she stop this injustice or does the corruption run deeper than she feared?



A Touch of the Paranormal

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From CarnEvil of Souls and Seduced by Voodoo, Detective Grace Hutcherson is back in this thriller. Haunted VisionsDetective Grace Hutcherson suddenly discovers her pyschic ability is more pronounced. The dead call out to her, begging for her help. In order to stop the serial killer from taking more victims she must learn how to use her new abilities. Her very life could depend on it.



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