The Evangeline Series

evan gumbo cover2 kindleEvangeline Meets Choloe the CrawfishChloe and the RougarouCount with ChloeEvangeline Easter Book

Come Meet Evangeline and along the way you can learn Cajun French. Each Evangeline book will teach your child a new Cajun French word.

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Evangeline’s Gumbo Evangeline has watched her grand’mere in the kitchen and just knows she can cook a good gumbo. After all, her grand’mere says that gumbo can be made from just about anything, even scraps of meat. Come join Evangeline in her first adventure.


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Evangeline Meets Chloe the CrawfishEvangeline can hear the fish calling her name. The weather is perfect and the worms, nice and fat. Now that her chores are done she can finally go fishing. Evangeline is in such a hurry that she doesn’t pay attention to the tiny crawfish-houses.


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Come Count With EvangelineEvangeline and Chloe are on the way to their favorite fishing hole. I wonder how many friends they will meet along the way?  Come along and count with me.

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Chloe the Crawfish and the RougarouEvangeline rushes to warn Chloe the Crawfish and her friends that Ryan the Rougarou is up to no good. The group of friends must decide on just what they should do. If not, Ryan the Rougarou will destroy Chloe’s house.


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A Cajun Easter Evangeline Celebrates PacquesEvangeline, Chloe the Crawfish and all of their friends are anxious for Pacques and the Easter Egg Pocking Contest. Come along and join the fun as they celebrate a Cajun Easter.



Introducing the Evangeline Doll

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“I speak Cajun French”