The Hideaway


David is a perfectly nice young man.  Known by his neighbors and friends as a quiet, soft-spoken individual, he lives an idyllic life in the sleepy small town of Hope, Louisiana.  But David has a deadly secret, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for him to hide it.

Brought up by his parents in the same town he now lives in as an adult, David now uses the small house he loved as a child to torture and murder the women he hunts.  Viewing his dark desire as the highest form of art,  David considers his victims to be his “masterpieces”, living embodiments of the rage he can’t hide.

Detective Jordan Sanders is hunting David, but she is clueless as to his identity.  Convinced that his capture and arrest will lead to the promotion   she’s always dreamed of, the beautiful and fierce Detective Sanders is  about to be on the hunt of her career…if she can keep herself from becoming David’s next “masterpiece”.

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